NANOSIL Disinfectants

As compound of hydrogen peroxide and silver salt, Nanosil is one of the most recent products used as antimicrobial particularly antiseptic or disinfectant and sterilant. Nanosil is an extraordinary and innovative compound to form a sustainable solution from hydrogen peroxide and silver ion by applying a new method. Kimiafaam Pharmaceutical Company has successfully produced this unprecedented product by using Iranian knowledge and technology under Nanosil brand. And all licenses are obtained from Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. The product is a strong, rapid, sustainable, colorless and environment friendly sterilant and disinfectant. Nanosil is a new generation disinfectant with enduring and strong effects as a result of its silver ion ingredients. Most of popular detergents containing sodium hypochlorite damage the surfaces due to their corrosion effects. They are irritant, and result in lesions in mucous membrane and subsequently negative effects on respiratory system. That is why chloride containing detergents are hazardous for children. Contrary to detergents with chloride that are currently sold in the market, Nanosil is a market friendly product not using chloride containing ingredients; and it converts to water and oxygen after use, both of which are nontoxic and do not harm the environment.

Veterinary Medicin



Skin Hygien

Oral Hygien


Eggs Packaging

Food Industries

Fruits and Vegetable

Air conditioning Units

Sport Clubs


Clean Air

Waste water

slaughterhouse and meat packaging centers

Environment Friendly

1) Please pay attention to the conditions set forth on the product label when working with concentrated solution (100%)
2) When working with concentrated solution, use gloves and safety glasses
3) In the case of eye or hand contact with concentrated solution, please wash the contact point using a large amount of water
4) The container of the original solution shall be carried and kept vertically
5) The containers designed for Nanosil shall be used for preparing Nanosil only
6) Never return the solution poured out to the main gallon again
7) Do not mix Nanosil with other products
8) Keep away from the reach of children
9) Keep in a cool place and away from inflammable materials
10) If net solution is drunk inadvertently, have the affected person drink warm water and visit a physician without trying to motive the person to vomit.