Injectanol disinfectant solution  For dressing , Injection site , Quick impact, Colorless and odorless


For dressing & injection site

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: disinfectant solution

Isopropyl alcohol, biguanide and quaternary aluminum compounds

Properties and Advantages:
Effective on wide range of microorganisms such as HBV, TB and HIV
Quick impact (less than 30 seconds)
No microbial resistance after long term use
Continued antimicrobial impact on skin as the result of biguanide ingredient compared to alcohol
Colorless and odorless
Containing minimum amount of alcohol and therefore reduction of side effects originating from long term alcohol use on skin such as dryness and skin irrigation.

Instructions for Use:
Cover sebaceous glands concentration areas such as groin and armpit with Injactanol solution for thirty seconds for disinfection of skin.

100, 250 and 500 milliliter bottles and gallons in 5 liters

For dressing , Injection site , Quick impact, Colorless and odorless