Nanosil F2  ready to use solution  Hand sanitizer , No rinsing, Cost efficient

Nanosil F2

Hand sanitizer gel

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: Hand sanitizer

Hydrogen peroxide, silver ion and quaternary ammonium compounds

Properties and Advantages:
Effective on a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoa etc. such as hepatitis and HIV)
Effective in the less possible time (30 seconds)
No microbial resistance as a result of long term use
Continued antibacterial effect
No need to rinsing
Hand skin moisturizer and protection
Foam type to provide a suitable cover
Cost efficient (minimum amount of use by half to one cc per each intake)
No alcohol
No hand dryness and skin irritation.

Instructions for Use:
Pour half to one milliliter (0.5 to 1 cc) i.e. one to two puffs of Nanosil F2 foam on your hands to cover all parts, and rub your hands till it dries well. There is no need to rinsing after using Nanosil F2.

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if you one allergic to any of the ingredients.
If more than used of rinsing is accidentaly swallowed,get medical help or contact a poison center right away.

70,300&500 milliliter bottle equipped with pump , 5 & 20 liter gallons.

Hand sanitizer , No rinsing, Cost efficient