Easyclenz 0.5 disinfecting solution  For Tools and surfaces Detergent and Disinfectant

Easyclenz 0.5

For Tools and surfaces Detergent and Disinfectant

Pharmaceutical Group: Hygienic and surgical hand disinfectant

Pharmaceutical Type: Concentrated Solution

Glyoxale, Glutaraldehyde, Anti-corrosive agent, Surfactant and Pine tree essence

Mode of Action:
Ammonium quarterner compounds with effect on Cell wall cause cytoplasm sedimentation in microorganism which helps aldehyde entrance to microorganism’s cell to happen easier. Aldehyde compounds disrupt DNA and RNA synthesis in microorganisms and Causing coagulation and destruction of microorganism’s protein.

Dosage & Application:
1) Instruments and equipment disinfection: Disinfect instruments and equipment: 0.5 – 1.5 % dilution, depending on required efficacy (according to table 2) First prepare Easyclenz 0.5 dilutions, then place instruments and equipment in diluted Easyclenz 0.5 with immersion method and make sure that all parts of instruments is impregnated with solution.
2) Surfaces Disinfection: 0.25 – 1.5 % dilution, , depending on required efficacy (according to table 2) After dilution, impregnate surfaces completely with Easyclenz 0.5. After required time (in table1), surface is completely disinfected.

usable to disinfect wide range of surfaces and equipment. Simultaneous and affordable detergent and disinfectant. Efficient in bloody surfaces and equipment. Lasting solution efficacy for 7 days.

Product specification:
Yellow-brown Solution with specific odor,
pH in 25°C: 6-9
Density in 25°C: (0.9-1.1) g/ml

Glutaraldehyde connects to cell wall’s terminal amino group, and causes a network of bacteria to connect to each other and fixes microorganisms. This connection prevents transition of food, respiratory gases and waste materials between cell and outside the cell and disrupt cell metabolism. Also, Glutaraldehyde connects to Capsid’s protein of non-enveloped virus and traps them.

store the product at temperature between 5-25°C

1, 5 and 20 liters poly ethylene containers.

For Tools and surfaces Detergent and Disinfectant