EverClean KF concentrated solution  For production and packaging industry

EverClean KF

For production and packaging industry

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: concentrated solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions

Properties and Advantages:
Effective against microorganisms
Color and taste free
No carcinogenesis and genetic mutation effect
No need to rinsing

Instructions for Use:
After dilution and preparing 2% density solution, cover the intended surface already cleaned from organic material, oil etc; the surface is disinfected after 15 minutes.

5 and 20liter gallons

Note: EverClean KF is a strong disinfectant in which hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidant influencing all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoa etc.) and microfilms and kills them if used in the recommended doses. Silver is in synergism with hydrogen peroxide and strengthens and makes EverClean KF more sustainable.

For production and packaging industry