Maxi Clean concentrated solution  For surfaces and equipment

Maxi Clean

For surfaces and equipment

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: concentrated solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions

Properties and Advantages:
Effective against various types of microorganisms
No change in the color, smell and taste of food products
Nontoxic and carcinogenesis and genetic mutation free, no need to rinsing

Instructions for Use:
After dilution and preparing 2% density solution, first, clean the surface from organic material (such as oil etc.), then cover the intended surface with the two-percent solution. The surface disinfects after 15 minutes. No need to rinsing.
How to prepare a two-percent solution: mix two liters of Maxi Clean solution in 98 liters of water.

5 and 20 liter gallons

For surfaces and equipment