Nanosil D7  disinfecting solution  For Disinfecting Fruit and Vegetable

Nanosil D7

For Disinfecting Fruit and Vegetable

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: disinfecting solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ion

Properties and Advantages:
Colorless, odorless and no unfavorable taste left on fruit and vegetable
Nontoxic, no carcinogenesis and genetic mutation effects
Keeping freshness, liveliness and natural color of fruit and vegetable
Increased durability of fruit and vegetable in the fridge
No environmental harmful effect
No residue on the surface of fruit and vegetable
No rinsing required.

Instructions for Use:
First, wash fruit and vegetable and add 15 milliliters (one spoon) of D7 solution to four liters of water after cleaning the muds, and float fruit and vegetable for thirty minutes. There is no need to rinsing after disinfection. Do not return the outflow solution back to the bottle.

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if you one allergic to any of the ingredients.
If more than used of rinsing is accidentaly swallowed,get medical help or contact a poison center right away.

250&500 milliliter,1 liter bottles , 5 & 20 liter gallons.

For Disinfecting Fruit and Vegetable