Famoclean concentrated solution  a dual purpose disinfectant and detergent


a dual purpose disinfectant and detergent

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: concentrated solution

Nonionic surfactant (detergents), hydrogen peroxide and silver ion

Properties and Advantages:
Simultaneous washing and disinfection in one stage (time saving)
Suitable for washing and disinfecting floors in all centers
Effective on various types of microorganisms, no carcinogenesis effect

Famoclean may be used for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces (plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, china, and steel) in hospitals, medical clinics, dentistry and industries.

Instructions for Use:
Cover the surface with a 3 or 6% Famoclean in proportion to its contamination and rinse after 20 to minutes. How to prepare 3 and 6% solution: to prepare 3% solution, mix three liters of Famoclean in 97 liters of water; and for 6% solution use six liters of water.
Note: do not use Famoclean for disinfecting water and food because of its detergent ingredients.

5 and 20 liter containers

a dual purpose disinfectant and detergent