Surfamed disinfecting solution  For disinfecting sensitive levels, devices and equipment


For disinfecting sensitive levels, devices and equipment

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: concentrated solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ion

Properties and Advantages:
Effecting on various types of microorganisms
Color and taste free
No carcinogenesis effects
No need to rinsing
No residue on the surface

The product can be used for sterilization of autoclave sensitive devices such as endoscope and laparoscope etc. as well as disinfection of sensitive surfaces including operation rooms, intensive care units, isolated wards, and wards for implanted patients and patients with immune system disorders etc. It is also used for disinfecting semi-sensitive surfaces including milieus, general hospital wards, washing rooms and general sections of the hospitals, clinics, and offices as well as aseptic maintenance of devices or disinfection before sterilization.

Instructions for Use:
Sterilization of devices, tools and surfaces: 6% solution for 30 minutes
Disinfection of semi-sensitive surfaces: 2% solution for 15 minutes

After dilution and preparation of the solution with desired concentration (two liters of Surfamed in 98 liters of water for preparing a 2% solution and six liters of Surfamed solution in 94 liters of water for preparing a 6% solution), cover the intended area with the solution; take note that the area is already cleaned from organic materials, oil etc. The surface will be disinfected after 15 minutes for semi-sensitive surfaces and after 30 minutes for sensitive devices.

5 and 20 liter containers

For disinfecting sensitive levels, devices and equipment