Nanosil D6  disinfecting solution  For disinfecting sensitive surfaces and devices

Nanosil D6

For disinfecting sensitive surfaces and devices

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: ready to use solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ion

Properties and Advantages:
Broad use and effective on various types of microorganisms
Environment friendly and no residue after use
No bacterial resistance even after long term use for one century
No corrosion on surfaces and metal devices made from stainless steel and suitable for disinfecting all devices, equipment and sets
Potential to be used in broad thermal range (0-95 degrees centigrade)
No change in the acidity of the environment

Instructions for Use:
Float your devices in Nanosil D6 for 30 minutes after washing them with a suitable detergent and safely use it in aseptic conditions after drying.

One liter bottles and 5 and 20 liters gallons

For disinfecting sensitive surfaces and devices