Nanosil D3  disinfecting solution  For Disinfecting Potable Water

Nanosil D3

For Disinfecting Potable Water

Pharmaceutical Group: cosmetics and hygiene

Pharmaceutical Type: disinfecting solution

Hydrogen peroxide and silver ion

Properties and Advantages:
Effective on wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, viruses etc.)
Long endurance and effect
Colorless, odorless and tasteless
Fast and enduring disinfection effect
No poisoning, carcinogenesis and genetic mutation effect.

Instructions for Use:
For safety of potable water, mix 10cc of Nanosil with 10 liters of water. The potable water would be disinfected after 30 minutes and if you add the time to 4 hours, you will have the best quality water.

250-milliliter bottles made from high density polyethylene

For Disinfecting Potable Water