Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

During the last decade, there has been a concern about the fact that human being is destroying his own habitat as a result of unprecedented onrush to exploit natural resources and produce things whose ingress to the nature would contaminate the main elements including water, air and soil. Many environmental activists try to remind the nations and states that we have to do our bests to protect the health of the planet earth if we wanted to live on a planet with pleasant potable water, fresh air and diversity of plants and animals. Environment friendliness should not remain a motto. Our lifestyle must change in a manner to lessen the damage to the earth.

How to be environment friendly?
We can claim to be environment friendly by observing three fundamental steps:

Saving water

Less usage of chemicals

Active participation in environmental protection groups

Preventing the discharge of hazardous materials in drainages or farmlands

Saving electricity

Less independence on private cards intracity trips

Shopping from nearby stores

Using vegetable and fruit cultivated in apartments and houses

Active participation in air protection groups

Production of less waste

Planting saplings

Natural retention of plants growing in gardens and yards

Respective the living rights of the animals

Participating in social activities relating to environmental protection