Hydrogen peroxide contained in Nanosil endures for 14-18 days and completely decomposes from the 20th day. But the bacteriostatic impact of Nanosil remains by the 28th day (as a result of bacteriostatic function of silver).
If used in recommended dosages, Nanosil disinfectant solution lacks corrosion effects on various types of plastics, stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, no effect of corrosion was seen in stainless steel metal after floating various metals in 100% Nanosil; the degree of corrosion in aluminum was trivial.
Nanosil does not have whitening property in temperatures less than 50 degrees centigrade; but if needed to be used in temperatures higher than 50 degrees centigrade, it is recommended to be tested on a small part and e used if no negative impact is seen.
Not only there is no need for rinsing after Nanosil usage but contrary to other disinfectants, it is recommended to avoid rinsing due to Nanosil microbial inhibitor properties after disinfection.
In the first phase, oxygen is decomposed from hydrogen peroxide; and results in the deconstruction of biofilm structure. Moreover sliver accelerates oxidation function of peroxide with its catalyst property. In the second phase, silver strongly bonds to bacterial proteins and results in their inactivating or deposit.
- General properties: a colorless and odorless liquid
- Boiling temperature: 114 degrees centigrade
- Freezing temperature: -51 degrees centigrade
- PH in absolute mode: 2.1 in 2 percent neutral density
- No foaming property
- Water mixture proportion: mixable with any proportion.